Canneta Montalcino
Località Canneta, 290 – 53024
Montalcino – Siena (IT)

Via Maremmana, 22 50055
Lastra a Signa – Firenze (IT)

Canneta Cinigiano
Strada Provinciale Voltina – 58044
Grosseto (IT)




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    This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has been given the name Laudemio in December 1990. Some olive oil producers of Central Tuscany have created a Consortium, which has drawn up very strict regulations covering all production phases, from the olive groves cultivation, to the bottling of the finished product. Observance of these rules enhances further the outstanding quality of this oil produced by I MORI, in the olive growing zone of Malmantile which, for centuries, has taken pride in the uniqueness of this cultivation.


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